Zwick Offers a Brand New Testing Machine for Fatigue Tests on Small Materials and Components - Verdict Medical Devices
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Zwick Offers a Brand New Testing Machine for Fatigue Tests on Small Materials and Components

This year’s testXpo testing technology forum – the 18th – saw Zwick present a completely new type of testing machine, designed for the fatigue-testing of small materials and components. It has been developed for the most demanding applications, including those found in medical engineering.

The operator-friendly LTM 1000 testing machine generates dynamic test loads up to 1,000N and is suitable for tests on small implants as used in dentistry or facial surgery, for which a special fixture can be simply installed in the machine. If frequent adjustments to the height of the test area are necessary, this simple operation is achieved in seconds.

This machine is also suitable for cyclic stimulation of cell structures. The travel resolution of 1µm allows even the smallest amount of travel to be reproducibly achieved, while the integrated peak value controller makes operating the machine extremely easy. PID values only need to be determined in special cases, and parameters for most applications can be defined with just a few mouse clicks.

Tests on other components or materials (e.g. tissue specimens) are also possible. The powerful testControl measurement and control electronics enables up to ten digital or analog high-resolution fully synchronized inputs for recording additional measurement signals. Performance of tests is quick and easy using Zwick’s proprietary testXpert® universal test software, which evaluates test results effortlessly and displays them graphically – the operator requires no previous materials testing experience. The machine only needs an electrical supply connection; no water or air is required.

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