UK-based medical device company Biocomposites has acquired German firm Artoss, adding the company’s NanoBone range to its portfolio.

Artoss is a specialist manufacturer of bone graft substitutes for use in orthopaedics, spine, foot and ankle, and dentistry. The device company will offer its NanoBone technology along with other products like SBX Putty to Biocomposites global distribution network allowing them to reach surgeons and patients in over 40 countries.

NanoBone technology consists of unsintered nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and silica gel and is used as a synthetic degradable bone graft substitute.

Biocomposites, a developer and distributer of calcium compound devices that regenerate and repair bone and soft tissue has products used in over 120,000 procedures a year, targeting infection risks and bone regeneration in musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, trauma, spine, foot, and ankle injuries.

“Following on from our acquisitions of Subiton and Synimed last year, we have established ourselves as the go-to provider for surgeons requiring bone regeneration and/or managing infection in bone and soft tissue.” Said Michael Harris, CEO of Biocomposites.

In May Biocomposites launched its STIMULAN products in South Africa for bacterial infection treatment and was claimed to be the only approved calcium matrix, which carries antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infection.

Last year Biocomposites announced it had reached record growth and sales with a 200% increase in oversea sales.

“2022 has been a standout year for the company. We have achieved our best-ever results and made excellent progress with our strategic imperatives, expanding into new markets and specialities, and investing in R&D,” said Harris.

The number of Bone Grafts and Substitutes Procedures in the UK is forecast to reach 124,767 in 2030 and 2,325,941 in the US for the same time period.