Singapore-based Claritas HealthTech has entered into a collaboration with PwC  for the deployment of its medical imaging platforms.

Through the partnership, the companies will work together to roll out, install and support medical image enhancement and artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostic software products suite.

Claritas HealthTech CEO Chetan Baxi said:Claritas HealthTech CEO Chetan Baxi said:This collaboration with PwC will accelerate our global deployment strategy and deliver significant benefits to clinicians across practice areas.

Claritas offers iRAD and iPET image enhancement and reconstruction software products, which serve as modality-agnostic and cost-effective solutions to reduce pressure on the medical imaging and diagnostic ecosystems.

The company secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for both software products.

iRAD is designed to enhance computerised tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and X-Ray processes to improve first-time reading and minimise the requirement for re-scans, as well as optimise diagnostic accuracy.

iPET enables accelerated acquisition of PET-CT/MRI and significantly lowers the amount of contrast dosage required.

PwC global healthcare leader Anthony Bruce said: “PwC works with national and local healthcare providers to deliver real, workable solutions to today’s challenges.

“We are always excited to work with new technologies, like Claritas, which seek to address some of the key bottlenecks in healthcare.”

Claritas carries out research and development in the areas of image enhancement, AI and machine vision to improve medical image processing and AI-assisted interpretation and diagnostics.