TrueBeam® radiotherapy system is a multi-energy linear accelerator. Credit: Varian Medical Systems.
Developed by Varian Medical Systems, the device received FDA clearance in August 2011. Credit: Highlands Oncology Group.
The device provides image-guided stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy for tumour and lesions treatment. Credit: Highlands Oncology Group.

TrueBeam radiotherapy system is a medical linear accelerator developed by Varian Medical Systems.

It provides image-guided stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy with high precision to treat tumours and lesions in various parts of the body, including lungs, breasts, head, and neck.

The device received marketing approval in China in April 2011 and in Japan in June 2011. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted pre-market approval to the device for clinical use in August 2011. The device also holds CE mark.

TrueBeam radiotherapy system design and features

TrueBeam radiotherapy device consists of two main components: a beam-producing system for producing photon, electron, and diagnostic X-ray radiation, and a control panel.

The beam-producing system is installed in a vault in the healthcare settings to provide shielding from radiation, while the control panel that uses the device software is placed outside the treatment room.

The system is equipped with six rotational couches, a motion management interface (MMI), and a visual coaching device. Furthermore, it contains an entire suite of Cone-Beam (CB) CT (CBCT) imaging including 4D CBCT, gated CBCT imaging, short ARC CBCT, extended length CBCT, and multi-scan CBCT acquisition.

TrueBeam radiotherapy system details

Equipped with LaserGuard II, the device uses 2.5MV and 4MV to 25MV energy for operation. It also integrates the previously FDA-cleared Trilogy radiotherapy system and related accessories.

The kV radiation source features touchguards and a supplemental capacitive collision detection system (kV CCDS). This enables proximity detection along with kV detector and positioning units.

The system includes various intelligent tools such as HyperArc radiosurgery and RapidArc® radiotherapy. This allows for an advance in the treatment option for cancer patients.

Details of the intelligent tools

HyperArchigh-definition radiation therapy is an advanced solution for intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). It is utilised by Varian’s TrueBeam and Eclipse platforms. It delivers the treatment with a single click of the panel and has pre-defined imaging waypoints for complex treatment.

RapidArc, also known as the Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) radiotherapy technology, delivers 3D dose distributed to an entire tumour. It has high precision of less than two minutes. It uses 360° rotational gantry in single or multiple arcs for treatment delivery.

The device also uses the iterative CBCT (iCBCT) technology, an improved form of the CBCT technology. It combines Acuros Computed Tomography Scatter (CTS), reduces scatter contribution and improves image quality.

The technology improves the visualisation of soft tissue of the pelvis, head, and neck. The device also integrates the ARIA® oncology information system and the Eclipse treatment planning system. This helps clinicians simplify and manage treatment planning.

Benefits of TrueBeam radiotherapy system

TrueBeam radiotherapy system helps patients to heal in fewer sessions such as one to five for a patient compared to 20 to 40 sessions of conventional radiation therapy (dependent upon the type of tumour). Shorter sessions lower the risk of side effects in patients.

“TrueBeam radiotherapy system helps patients to heal in fewer sessions such as one to five for a patient compared to 20 to 40 sessions of conventional radiation therapy.”

Planned treatment can be customised and synchronised in real-time according to the patient’s condition during radiotherapy by dynamic imaging enhanced by 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging capabilities of the device.

The motion management interface allows clinicians to know the exact position of treatment delivery. This improves the precision and accuracy of the treatment. The CBDT technologies allow for better imaging of moving targets such as lung and abdomen, advancing breath-hold stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), as well as extracranial radiosurgery.

The system can be used to provide various types of radiation treatments. These include intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), SBRT, and RapidArc radiotherapy.

Marketing commentary on Varian Medical Systems

Varian Medical Systems is a medical device and technologies manufacturing company based in the US. The company focuses on cancer and other medical conditions treatment. It provides solutions ranging from radiation therapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, brachytherapy, and medical oncology.

The company employs approximately 6,800 people in more than 70 offices worldwide.