UK-based CMR Surgical has announced that Galaxy Care Hospital in Pune, India has become the first facility in the world to purchase the Versius minimal access surgery (MAS) system.

Galaxy Care is a specialist hospital in laparoscopic surgery, and a range of surgeries have already been carried at the hospital out using Versius including transthoracic procedures, hysterectomies and myomectomies.

This is the second time CMR has taken its robot to Pune, after its first initial surgical procedures were carried out on patients at Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre earlier this year.

Versius is a small robotic surgery platform that mimics the movement of the human arm to provide an intuitive operating experience for the surgeon. The platform allows the surgeon to look inside the patient using 3D HD vision and allows them to switch between sitting and standing depending on their preference rather than leaning over the patient as in a traditional keyhole procedure.

Consultants at the hospital will be trained in the use of Versius by Galaxy Care consultant oncologist, surgeon and medical director Dr Shailesh Puntambekar.

Puntambekar has been at the forefront of the movement to bring surgical robotics to India, and has performed robot-assisted surgery there for over a decade.

Puntambekar said: “As an experienced surgeon in robotic assisted surgery I think that there is significant potential for Versius to further increase access to laparoscopic surgery for my patients, so it was a natural choice to acquire this system. Versius as a small and cost-effective system is well suited for meeting the high surgical demand in India.”

Versius’s first deployment coincides with the launch of the world’s first clinical registry for surgical robotic systems.

The registry is part of CMR Surgical’s commitment to post-market surveillance and responsible introduction of the device. It will be used to record and monitor patient outcomes of all procedures conducted using the Versius platform to ensure optimum patient safety is being achieved.

Outcome measures being recorded include operative time, length of stay, return to hospital within 30 days and return to the operating room within 24 hours.

CMR Surgical chief medical officer Mark Slack said: “It is important that we bring Versius to market responsibly and we are delighted to be working closely with Galaxy Care on the introduction of Versius in the hospital.”

CMR Surgical expects to introduce the system to European hospitals later in 2019.