Deals this week

US-based orthobiologic product developer Bone Biologics has announced the signing of an option agreement with University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to license the use of bone growth factor Nell-1 in the treatment of osteoporosis.

With this agreement, Bone Biologics intends to become the exclusive licensee to use Nell-1, which has a proven ability to form bone in a targeted fashion with a significantly greater safety profile.

The licence enables the company’s development and formulation of a Nell-1-based product, which can be used as an alternative for bone grafting in spinal fusion procedures.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cytonome/ST have entered a strategic partnership agreement to co-develop a new line of easy-to-use cell sorting platforms. According to the agreement, Thermo Fisher will become the exclusive distributor of a new line of flow cytometry cell sorting technology, which will be jointly developed by both the companies.

TopRidge Pharma has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Navamedic ASA, to launch the latter’s Sippi single-use digital urine device in China. The device measures biofilm build-up through contact capacitive sensors.

In a separate deal, the same companies have entered an eight-year agreement for the European distribution of Imdur, an angina prevention medicine.

According to the agreement, TopRidge Pharma will acquire 1,417,522 shares in Navamedic and become a major shareholder in the company.

"With this agreement, Bone Biologics intends to become the exclusive licensee to use Nell-1."

To fund the costs for the pre-commercialisation activities of its pipeline drug XaraColl, Innocoll Holdings, a specialty pharmaceutical company, intends to raise $65m through public placement of shares of its common stock.

The proceeds will also be used for the development of another pipeline product called Cogenzia in anticipation of filing its new drug application (NDA), as well as other products and for other general and corporate purposes.

German drug maker Merck has signed a licensing agreement with HAPPYneuron for the exclusive license to the latter’s cognitive remediation training programmes for people living with multiple sclerosis.

The programme will be integrated into Merck’s existing Msdialog platform, which reminds patients to take their Rebif (interferon beta-1a) medication.

Image: Merck has signed a licensing agreement with HAPPYneuron. Photo: courtesy of stockimages via