Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its CE-IVD-marked molecular Applied Biosystems TaqPath Respiratory Viral Select Panel, which detects five common viruses.

The new assay panel has been designed to detect respiratory viruses, including those that cause croup, bronchiolitis, influenza-like illnesses, the common cold and pneumonia.

Using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, the assay panel tests for Rhinovirus/Enterovirus, Parainfluenza virus, Adenovirus and Human Metapneumovirus.

The panel provides results in about three hours and includes RNase P and positive controls to provide sample-to-result reliability.

Furthermore, the scalable solution allows labs to simultaneously run between one and 94 samples depending on the population needs they are servicing.

The Applied Biosystems TaqPath Respiratory Viral Select Panel also helps identify co-infections.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Genetic Testing Solutions senior medical director Dr Manoj Gandhi said: “As the world continues to grapple with living alongside Covid-19, it is important to know that there are a myriad of other respiratory viruses that can also cause serious illness.

“Offering information on these other common respiratory viruses in a single test empowers labs to detect them quickly and efficiently, so that the right treatment approach can be selected, which can help save patient’s lives.”

The Applied Biosystems TaqPath Respiratory Viral Select Panel uses the same workflow as the TaqPath Covid-19, Flu A/B, RSV combo test kit if the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 PCR system is used.

This allows labs to test for eight common respiratory viruses using a single patient sample.

The company noted that the addition of new panels can help laboratories to add a new molecular testing menu for viral respiratory infections.

The assay panel is offered in selected EMEA countries for In Vitro Diagnostic use.

In March, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Ion Torrent Genexus Dx Integrated Sequencer platform for use in clinical laboratories.