Japan-based Topcon Healthcare has acquired Henson line of perimeter business of UK-based Elektron Eye Technology (EET).

As part of the acquisition, a number of EET staff will transition to Topcon, while the product manufacturing operations will remain in the UK.

The Henson line of perimetry products is well regarded in the eye care industry for their accuracy, speed and ease of use.

The deal’s terms were not disclosed. It includes products such as Henson 9000 and 7000.

EET’s Henson 9000 is an optimal perimeter for the early detection of glaucoma and the ongoing monitoring of established loss.

The Henson 7000, which is designed to perform suprathreshold glaucoma screening in the central field, is an affordable, lightweight, mobile perimeter.

Topcon Healthcare Marketing and Product Design global VP John Trefethen said: “The acquisition of the Henson range of products will provide us with the opportunity to strategically develop this area of the company’s product portfolio.

“With Topcon’s growing emphasis on screening and early disease detection, the Henson product range perfectly complements our global strategy. I welcome the EET team members to the Topcon Healthcare Family.”

EET is a subsidiary of Elektron Technology and is known for fast-moving engineered product (FMEP) brands such as the Henson Perimeters and the Macular Pigment Screener (MPS II).

In 2018, Topcon obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the sale of artificial intelligence (AI) based medical device for the detection of an eye disease associated with diabetes called diabetic retinopathy.