By combining our medical device manufacturing knowledge with the accessibility and flexibility that comes with low-code, we can provide what you need fastest. Solutions can be prototyped and delivered within days by our engineers and our 24/7 customer success teams will ensure the solution is efficiently integrated into your business to keep it running smoothly.

Programs created on a low-code platform can be designed, published, amended and redesigned iteratively to fit your needs and scale with your ambition. With a low barrier to entry, collaboration can move outside of very specific skill sets and into diverse groups of professionals with wide ranging knowledge bases.

Low-code development also streamlines publication of solutions and allows for greater connectivity with other software and systems. Within your low-code platform, you can decide how deployment should look, how your application should integrate with other systems and how it should be developed in the future.

The ATS Difference

We have decades of experience in creating customer focused solutions across multiple industries. Whether it’s in software development or facilitating engineering efficiency, we put our clients’ goals first and look for innovation at every turn.

  • Domain Knowledge: We have industry leading knowledge on everything from sensors and devices to supply chain business processes.
  • UX Design Focus: We put your users front and centre of all our designs. We use the latest in collaborative internet design tools to produce rapid prototype designs.
  • Proven Delivery Methodology: Utilising agile devops means that we create apps as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest levels of traceability to deliver quality apps.
  • 24/7 Global Support: If you’re worried about your mission critical app, we have your back. We offer 24/7 global support service that makes sure your business is back to peak efficiency as soon as possible.
  • Generating faster time to value: Low-code development platforms, enable accelerated delivery of business applications.
  • We are here to stay: Over 30 years in business and counting.

Your Benefits as a Customer

So how can medical device manufacturers benefit from low-code application development? Well…

  • Build apps 10x faster with 70% fewer resources
  • Unleash domain experts, while IT stays in control
  • Unlock and extend your data and systems
  • Continuous innovation of new technology
  • The better the tech works the happier the employee
  • Automate troublesome processes with disparate applications