You know how important complete visibility of your production processes is. This visibility enables you to increase manufacturing flexibility and enhance operational efficiency while raising quality.

As an innovative, strategic knowledge partner, ATS Global will ensure that you have the visibility you need to achieve your business goals.

Whether you need to improve your New Product Introduction, handle the growing complexity of your product, reduce the regulatory compliance workload, manage your supply chain or speed up your technology adoption cycle, we’re here to provide consultancy, solutions, services and support that give you the best outcome.

Faster new product introduction in the medical device industry

The costs and regulations involved in New Product Introduction/Development (NPI / NPD) are significantly higher for Medical Device manufacturing than for most other industries. At the same time, new technologies and products are making the market increasingly competitive. That makes it imperative to accelerate your time-to-market.

ATS Global provides Digital Quality solutions and services to the Medical Device industry, ensuring that the highest quality is achieved while lowering the Overall Cost of Poor Quality.
The Medical Device industry requires stringent traceability of both quality and data. ATS Global’s depth of knowledge in this area will provide you with the best traceability solution available.
ATS Global provides Digital Transformation consultancy to the Medical Device industry, creating a bespoke roadmap that will achieve your business objectives by implementing the most appropriate technologies.
Cyber Security is critical to the Medical Device industry with shop floor systems coming under increasing attack. ATS Global provides consultancy, services, solutions and education to keep you secure.
By implementing concepts such as the digital twin in Medical Device manufacturing, ATS Global is able to raise the level of your Product Lifecycle Management, improving your manufacturing efficiency.
Growing complexity in Medical Device manufacturing requires effective Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Thankfully, this is an area where ATS Global has a wealth of experience and knowledge.
ATS Global leverages its experience across industries, systems and standards to enable Medical Device Manufacturers to meet their business objectives quickly and effectively.
Our Industrial IOT platform gives Medical Device manufacturers no-code shop floor to top floor integration, maximising the flexibility and scalability of your IT and OT systems.
Utilising our Low-code / No-code platform, our industry leading engineers can prototype and deliver solutions to the Medical Device industry within days, together with seamless connectivity to your other systems.
ATS is a leading global provider of support services to the Medical Device industry across all areas of Automation, Quality management and Manufacturing IT.

ATS Global addresses this on several fronts. Our industry specialists can investigate your particular circumstances and lay out a bespoke digital transformation roadmap that will provide you with the technologies and best practices required to raise the efficiency of your NPI processes.

We will raise the internal flexibility within your production plant, streamlining and automating processes from the shop-floor to the top-floor, enabling increased employee productivity and collaboration.

Regulatory approvals will be embedded within every step of your production processes so that it simply becomes something that is done as part of your standard manufacturing procedures rather than a separate task to be worried about.

Managing production complexities in the medical device industry

When channelled effectively, complexity within your Medical Device manufacturing environment produces a wealth of benefit. At ATS Global, we want to help you harness those complexities to give you the flexibility to respond faster than your competitors and quickly adapt to changes in market demand.

To achieve the best results, we take a holistic approach, combining the principles of MES/MOM, Quality Management Systems, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma with our ingrained knowledge across technologies and industries.

Our consultancy, solutions and support are all targeted at removing unknowns and blind spots from your Medical Device manufacturing processes, providing you with the visibility required for fully-informed decision making.

Regulatory compliance for medical device manufacturers

Although the Medical Device industry is advancing technologically, the regulatory environment still constrains innovation and time-to-market, with required quality inspections becoming harder to manage and increasing amounts of data needing to be collected through the full product lifecycle.

At ATS we have global experience with regional knowledge that enables us to identify digital transformation opportunities to make compliance a by-product of a digitally controlled process. With best-fit solutions in place the manufacturing environment is automatically controlled according to product and process definitions, while simultaneously collecting as-built data. Opportunities for errors, field failures and NCRs are greatly reduced and inspections are simplified, reducing the time and cost of producing documented evidence with technology solutions that provide actionable real-time data.

By providing visibility into the manufacturing data required for your regulatory compliance, ATS Global additionally enables you to respond more effectively to inspections, effectively prevent quality issues, and add value to the entire product lifecycle from R&D to manufacturing to patient (post market) and back again using closed-loop feedback.

Supply chain solutions for medical device manufacturers

Supply chains are evolving for every industry as products grow in complexity and global events make changes necessary. This presents new challenges in maintaining quality and traceability. There is an even bigger challenge for Medical Device manufacturers as the requirements of patient safety mean that additional regulations must be in place at every link of the chain.

But these supply chain shifts should not be seen as a burden. If your supply chain is flexible, giving you the ability to respond to unexpected events and integrate suppliers quickly, then it becomes a strength of your company.

At ATS Global we work with manufacturers from every industry to ensure they have complete visibility up and down the supply chain. Our solutions, services and support ensure that our customers have traceability embedded into their day-to-day routine.

We also minimise the work required to integrate new suppliers and to monitor and maintain quality at every step of the product lifecycle. With ATS Global you have a knowledge partner that can simplify the complexities of your supply chain so you can concentrate on manufacturing the best possible product.

Faster technology adoption cycles for medical device manufacturers

Unstoppable trends in the Medical Device industry, such as rising product complexity, shifting supply chains and increasing quality requirements necessitate the adoption of new technologies to ensure that you remain competitive.

However, the necessary regulation requirements have traditionally meant that the Medical Device industry as a whole is often slow to adapt. ATS Global pushes against tradition by implementing best-practices adopted from a wide range of manufacturing industries.

This ensures that adopting new technology becomes a smooth, repetitive cycle, rather than an inconvenient bump in the road. Our industry specialists work with you to select and implement the technologies quickly and effectively, reducing your Time to Market as well as your overall costs.