We work with medical device manufacturers around the globe, providing automation systems design, system architecture selections, maintenance, troubleshooting, training and support. ATS Global is the ideal partner for your next Industrial Automation project.

An Independent Partner

We provide platform independent design and implementation of hardware and software products from leading automation suppliers.

We possess a deep knowledge of industrial automation and IT communication protocols which we leverage together with our experience of various systems and medical device industry standards to enable our customers to meet their business objectives. Connectivity is of crucial importance in implementing a scalable and Industry 4.0 ready automation solution.

Our independent profile allows us to implement and support hardware and software products from diverse suppliers without showing preference for specific brands. We design for customer benefit, not supplier benefit.

How do We do It?

We are able to leverage our global presence to provide end-to-end automation and IT engineering to medical device manufacturers around the world.

Our customers trust us to take ownership from pre-bid engineering design to post-commissioning support, as well as embed quality-by-design into our engineering deliverable to develop robust automation and IT systems.

As a flexible and reliable partner for our medical device customers, we utilize various commercial models such as On-site Support, Fixed Price Projects, Software Maintenance Agreements, Service Level Agreements (24/7) as well as Master Service Agreements.

The ATS Benefit

ATS is Independent of suppliers. We work for you, our customer, and advise independently for your benefit:

  • Single partner to handle all your automation and IT engineering across multiple supplier platforms
  • Leverage our best practice knowledge of automation and IT
  • Optimize engineering cost for automation and IT
  • Ensure continuous uptime for production critical systems
  • Combine automation with lean / six sigma initiatives
  • Integrate systems and equipment across the plant from the shop floor to the top floor.