We are delighted to announce that Team3D s.r.l. has joined ATS Global in an ambitious plan to gain a stock exchange listing. Team3D is headquartered in Lecco on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. Nestled in the alps north of Milan this team supports customers throughout Italy with advance Product Lifecycle Management software from Siemens. Team3D are masters at selling and supporting CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM to achieve best in class product designs across a wide variety of industries.

Mauro Barra, Managing Director and owner of Team3D stated “This is a big step for us. We are moving from being an independent company to part of the ATS Global family of companies. This change opens a major opportunity for our teams to collaborate across the whole spectrum of Manufacturing IT/OT. ATS already has an operation in Italy, based in Genoa. Together we can now offer CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, MES/MOM and Automation products and services to our joint customers.

“I feel this is a major advantage to our customers and to our partner Siemens who can now offer a “joined up solution” through ATS Team3D. We can work closely with our new colleagues at ATS, globally sharing experience and knowledge. Our team is really excited about this opportunity as we expand our horizons even further!”

Paul Bron and Kevin Partington, CEO and COO EMEA respectively at ATS Global also spoke jointly “Working with Mauro has been a real pleasure. His team’s deep understanding of our customer’s needs, and their solution driven mindset is seriously impressive. Having already helped many designers achieve optimal performance they are keen to offer a broader range of IT/OT solutions.

“We feel ATS Team3D will be of great value to our customers as well as an asset to ATS. The opportunity to share so much of the knowledge at Team3D is just fantastic! Mauro reports to Kevin in the new structure.”