For medical device manufacturers who need seamless integration between departments, ATS Bus is a no-code Industrial IoT platform that provides flexibility and scalability to IT and OT systems.

ATS Bus brings true synergy from the factory floor to the top floor with all systems, software, equipment and the Cloud communicating through a single, configurable hub. Imagine what you could achieve with seamless integration across the IT/OT divide.

Key Benefits for Medical Device Manufacturers

Our Industrial IoT platform provides a wide array of benefits to medical device manufacturers including the following:

  • Greater Flexibility and Scalability
    Respond faster to market demands by reducing the time taken to modify or replace equipment and systems for New Product Introduction.
  • Increased Network Resilience
    Built-in reliability and resilience across the network give you peace of mind that latency issues and power outages won’t mean you lose data.
  • Increased Data Visibility
    Gain complete exposure of production data, making it easier to troubleshoot product and process issues as well as perform track and trace tasks.
  • Do More in 8 Hours
    Save time with fewer point-to-point connections to administer as well as a single configuration portal as opposed to endless coding requirements.
  • Improved Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
    Simplified connectivity with fewer potential points of failure improves prevention of, and speeds up recovery from, potential production threats.
  • Accelerated New Product Introduction (NPI)
    Seamless plantwide integration means that centrally managed work instructions, recipes, and robot programs, can be distributed in the shortest time possible.

Feature-Rich Connectivity

From the shop-floor to the top-floor, ATS Bus provides Medical Device manufacturers with an array of features that allow them to utilise their data to the best effect with the least amount of effort:

  • Universal Connectivity Across IT and OT
    Transmit and exchange data between the separate worlds of Information Technology and Operations Technology as if they’d never been apart.
  • Centralised Control and Monitoring
    Complete under-the-hood visualizations of your system’s behavior, clearly displayed and visualized, immediately available and up-to-date.
  • Edge Computing
    Reduced latency and less bandwidth usage thanks to localised decision making.
  • Many-to-Many Connectivity
    Publish-subscribe messaging makes data from every system accessible to any system that wants it.
  • Contextualised Data
    Data becomes valuable information as ATS Bus adds the context of how it was collected.
  • Data Security
    ATS Bus uses secure connections where needed and also checks the “known good” against defined schemas.
  • Network Resilience
    Data is buffered locally and handshakes are utilised to ensure every piece of data arrives at its destination safe and sound.

For further information, please download the technical brochure at the top of the page.