Improving customer satisfaction through better delivery performance is a constant challenge, but do you have the information needed to make decisions about what you can and cannot promise to their customers?

Siemens Opcenter Scheduling is a software solution for companies which want to start digitalizing their processes, but it is also used to complement already installed MES systems.

As a leading Opcenter Scheduling integrator, we understand the need of medical device companies to have more insight into their day-to-day schedule, but also realize that most of them are not used to semi-automatic scheduling systems. The first step to be accomplished is reducing the manual work and creating visual insight. Together with the planning department we will make sure this goal is reached in the very first weeks of the project.

At this point the system provides a feasible schedule which considers the finite capacity of resources and can be executed by the shop floor. The planning department is able to visualize the planning and see the impact of changes like rush orders and breakdowns and can recalculate the complete schedule in a matter of seconds.

A Partner for Successful Implementation

Working in partnership with Siemens, ATS Global is committed to enabling medical device companies to digitalise and integrate their entire industrial value chain. We utilise the Siemens portfolio of industry leading software solutions to help manufacturers to become a digital enterprise and mature in their digital transformation roadmap.

With our qualified specialists spanning the globe, we leverage Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions to integrate the entire industrial value chain, providing consultancy, project implementation, software and support to medical device manufacturers of every size.