Fortis is a vertically integrated CDMO services and solutions provider backed with strong scientific expertise to help address the needs of immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostics assay developers and manufacturers.

Our nanoComposix brand offers end-to-end services for lateral flow assay development. We provide the raw materials and expertise to take clients from the initial feasibility phase, right up to the final commercialisation stage. Here is how we do it:

Bulk Gold Nanoparticles

We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gold colloid and gold nanoshells for use in rapid diagnostic tests. Our facilities can support particle volumes to match the manufacturing of 30–50 million lateral flow strips per month.

We offer both traditional gold colloid for passive conjugation and proprietary gold nanoshells for high-sensitivity lateral flow assays.

High-Volume Lateral Flow Assay Manufacturing

Our high-throughput lateral flow assay manufacturing capabilities, combined with our nanomaterial fabrication expertise and comprehensive knowledge of medical devices uniquely position us with the ability to develop innovative manufacturing solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our automated reel-to-reel reagent deposition and lamination platforms generate high-sensitivity devices with proven reproducibility under our ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System.

Our Equipment and Expertise:

  • BioDot reel-to-reel dispensing and lamination
  • Low humidity dry room for lamination and assembly
  • 3,000ft² available for manufacturing
  • Equipped to produce up to ten million lateral flow tests each month

Why Partner with Us?

  • Strong technical expertise and over 20 years of experience manufacturing colloidal gold, gold reagents and robust, reproducible conjugates
  • Proprietary gold nanoshells for the most sensitive quantitative and semi-quantitative visual detection, eliminating the need for costly filters or lenses
  • Vertically integrated nanoparticle reporter probe and conjugate manufacturing eliminates supply and reproducibility issues
  • ISO 13485 (2016) certified, FDA-registered facility to develop and manufacture prototype lots with up to 50,000 test strips and collaborate with scaled manufacturing partners worldwide for larger quantities
  • Accelerated time to market with reduced development times