CC CrN is a PVD coating for universal wear protection – also for softer tool materials such as soft steel, copper- and aluminium alloys and is well-suited for highly polished surfaces. The low friction properties of the coating improve demolding and reduce material sticking and build-up, substantially reducing the downtime required for cleaning.

Coating characteristics

  • excellent hardness and toughness
  • reduced friction
  • high sliding and impact wear resistance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • biocompatible
  • non-stick in contact with many other materials
  • silver appearance

(see download for coating specs)

Suitable for sensitive materials

The coating can be manufactured at low temperatures (down to 170 °C), which provide an optimal solution for temperature-sensitive tool materials, e.g. of copper or aluminium alloys.

Reducing particles in the cleanroom

By applying CC CrN on handlings tools (gripper, movers, pouches etc.) the wear and subsequent particle formation are reduced, allowing even cleaner production.