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Physical Vapour Deposition Coatings for Medical Devices

CemeCon Scandinavia is a specialist in physical vapour deposition (PVD) and develops, produces and offers advanced, wear-resistant ceramic coatings for medical devices.

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PVD Coatings for Medical Devices

CemeCon Scandinavia is a specialist in physical vapour deposition (PVD) and develops, produces and offers advanced, wear-resistant ceramic coatings for medical devices.

The company is a coating competence centre founded on two decades of knowledge and technology from university and institute research.

PVD coatings for medical devices and parts

CemeCon Scandinavia offers a wide range of PVD coatings, each with unique features tailored to specific applications. With the right surface treatment, the company can solve many production issues caused by material failure and reduce maintenance costs.

Its techniques and processes provide hard, durable, self-lubricating and corrosion, scratch, and wear-resistant tools and components. Ceramic coatings protect against burn, corrosion, destructive abrasion and adhesive wear, ensuring a longer lifetime of tool parts, which means fewer tool replacement and lower production costs.

CemeCon’s team of employees are always ready to help. To hear more about the company’s services or to receive advice on a specific challenge, do not hesitate to contact.
CemeCon’s headquarters are located in Hinnerup, Denmark, but the company offers PVD surface treatment to customers all over Europe and worldwide on request.
Masking technology provides an exact coverage of areas not allowed for coating and makes it possible to coat a wide variety of tools.
Quality control and process documentation ensure that coatings products meet the applicable professional standards and comply with regulatory requirements.
PVD sputtering technique provides careful control over thickness and provides a very smooth surface free of defects and preferable to other surface coating techniques.
CCmold Solutions reduces abrasive wear, fretting and corrosion and adds effective slip properties, for an optimum shaping by injection moulding, vacuum forming, blow moulding, foil processing, extrusion and pultrusion.
Our CCcom Solutions prevents wear, corrosion, adhesion and friction problems, ensuring a longer life of equipment for medico and food, machine parts, blades, engine parts and other components.
Customer case example of the anti-fowling effect of coatings: in this case coating of nozzles (for fog over vegetable counters) reduce limescale deposits on the metal surface.

Coatings solve critical challenges associated with friction, including the need for dry lubrication of moveable parts. Low friction properties reduce the tendency to sticking and material pick up from the counter surface, substantially reducing the downtime required for cleaning.

Furthermore, slip and non-stick properties reduce deposits of plastic and improve de-moulding, easing the cleaning, shortening the cycle times and increasing product quality.

Low-temperature processes for PVD coatings

At CemeCon Scandinavia, the company processes a wide variety of tool parts with PVD, including polished, etched and eroded surfaces, mould cavities and moving parts, cores, inserts, sliders, ejecting rings, hot runners, nozzles and needles.

Unique low-temperature processes enable clients to apply the coatings to most metals – even temperature-sensitive substrates, without the risk of deformation, and coatings are so thin (standard layer thickness of 1µm -3µm) that they are suitable for even high-tolerance parts.

Surface treatment expertise

CemeCon Scandinavia’s expert knowledge includes low-temperature coating, coating of eroded and polished surfaces, coatings in combination with small tolerances and optimal preparation of tools before coating.

The company has a comprehensive approach to surface treatment, not only considering the coating but also a combination of pre-treatment and post-treatment to obtain the best result.

In addition to its PVD-machines, CemeCon Scandinavia has de-coating facilities, advanced automated cleaning plants, blasting and polishing equipment, as well as tribological test and control facilities.

PVD sputtering capabilities

At CemeCon Scandinavia, the company uses PVD unbalanced magnetron sputtering.

PVD unbalanced magnetron sputtering is a coating technique where gas in a vacuum chamber is ionised (plasma) and is used to move (‘sputter’) metal on tools, then deposited as a surface coating with unique properties such as low friction, wear-resistance, high hardness, self-lubrication properties, and good slip properties.

Layer thickness is typically 1μm–30μm, while the process temperature varies from 100°C to 500°C. The technique provides careful control over the thickness and surface chemical composition and provides a very smooth surface free of defects and no corner build-up, which is preferable to other coating techniques.

Solution-orientated advice

CemeCon Scandinavia’s broad service programme and specialised knowledge enable it to solve tasks in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food and plastic.

Close cooperation with its research and development (R&D) department ensures that CemeCon Scandinavia’s sales team is up-to-date on the latest technological developments.

Whether it concerns bushings, valves, fittings, punches or cutting edges, the company will always find the right solution in close cooperation with the customer.

CemeCon Scandinavia’s skilled personnel are always ready to offer knowledge and solution-oriented advice to customer issues. Get in touch to talk jointly about the benefits of the company’s coatings.

White Papers

  • CemeCon Scandinavia A/S 2021 Booklet

    CemeCon Scandinavia’s vision is to be our customers’ preferred coating center. Our customers are offered the best coatings on the market, with a service of the highest quality. We have a high customer focus, and offer tailor-made coatings, which solves the unique problems faced by industry.


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Products & services

  • CC PureCr

    CC PureCr is a safe and environmentally friendly coating that can directly replace the use of galvanic hard chrome, which produces chromium(VI) – a carcinogen and an environmental hazard.

  • CC DLC

    CC DLC is an amorphous carbon coating with very low friction, high hardness, and resistance to sliding wear.

  • CC Hyperlox

    CC Hyperlox is an extremely hard and wear-resistant coating for hardened steel and low temperature annealed steel subjected to severe abrasive wear, erosion, and galling.

  • CC CrN

    CC CrN is a PVD coating for universal wear protection – also for softer tool materials such as soft steel, copper- and aluminium alloys and is well-suited for highly polished surfaces.

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