CC DLC is an amorphous carbon coating with very low friction, high hardness, and resistance to sliding wear. The coating combines low friction and high hardness for applications requiring easy release or low sliding wear like engine components, moving, and sliding parts like ejectors, steering pins and slides, medical devices, dies, moulds, and firearms.

Cold welding and galling occur due to lack of lubrication and can result in expensive tool damages, renovations, and downtime. The CC DLC coating reduces friction, and in many cases lubrication of moving parts can be totally avoided using this unique self-lubricating coating.

Moreover, the coating has a rich, neutral, black colour that enhances product appearance.

Coating characteristics

  • high hardness
  • excellent toughness
  • very low friction
  • high sliding wear resistance
  • very good corrosion resistance
  • biocompatible
  • graphite/black appearance

(see download for coating specs)

Suitable for sensitive materials

The coating is manufactured at a low temperature (170 °C), which provide an optimal solution for temperature-sensitive tool materials.

Even cleaner production

By using DLC on moving parts, particles, aerosols, and organic impurities can be greatly reduced. Grease and lubricants can be avoided in some cases, and at the same time wear, and therefore particle – and dust formation are greatly reduced allowing cleaner production.