Art of Technology (AoT) creates concepts for upcoming customer projects. It contributes significantly to subsequent decision making and implementation by enhancing the amount and quality of information available.

The company also creates a detailed system specification that fully describes the solution to the problems that need to be resolved. This is based on your requirements and, if available, the results and success factors identified in previous concept studies.

AoT’s concept studies help to create ideas and evaluate the pros and cons of implementing those ideas, which in turn helps to minimise the likelihood of errors, manage costs, assess risks and evaluate the potential success of the intended project.

The company’s technology studies combine the customer’s knowledge with the first ideas from AoT in order to precisely define the intended application, evaluate the best choice of technology and bring everyone involved to the same level of understanding.

AoT creates concepts for new projects, developing and comparing alternative solutions, which is an important source of information that contributes significantly to subsequent decision making by enhancing the quality and volume of the information available.