Art of Technology Electronic Design and Development Services for Medical Devices and Intelligent Implants

Art of Technology specialises in the design, development and miniaturisation of complex electronic devices and embedded systems.

As an independent contract developer, the company blends academic knowledge and industry experience to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage to its clients.

Certified in accordance with ISO: 9001 and ISO: 13485, Art of Technology aims to provide integrity, innovation, quality, performance and value for the solutions it provides in the data communications, data security, medical device, intelligent implant, opto-electronics, space-flight and other extreme applications and where exceptional reliability is required.

Development and design expertise for medical devices

Art of Technology has expertise in system miniaturisation and cost optimisation, low-power electronics and power management, as well as cryptography, analogue and digital equipment, security electronics and special technologies such as high-density packaging (HDP), surface mount devices (SMD) and 3-dimensional moulded interconnect devices (3D-MID).

The company designs and develops concept and system specifications, hardware and software, prototypes and industrialisation processes for low, medium and high-volume automated production.

It also provides a consultation service to advise on concept and technology studies, how to select suitable technologies, design reviews and troubleshooting.

Electronic design and development services

Specialising in the design and development of embedded systems, Art of Technology supports customers to turn ideas and concepts into creative, innovative products and systems.

Covering a broad spectrum of topics and interests, the company’s design and development services are offered either as a custom designed turn-key solution, or as individual design steps.

Medical device concepts and system specifications

Art of Technology creates concepts for new medical device projects, developing and comparing alternative solutions.

This process provides important information and contributes to subsequent decision making.

Hardware and software development

After analysing the system requirements, Art of Technology creates a detailed hardware specification complete with calculations, schematics, layout and the associated production documents, test specifications and test plans.

The company also designs, implements and tests software for embedded systems and technical software for PCs running MS-Windows or Embedded-Linux with the programming language based on the requirements of the project.

Prototype medical device production

Art of Technology organises and supports the entire production process with a network of highly qualified manufacturers.

It provides single piece, small and medium quantities up to and including large volume deliveries. The company handles various projects ranging in volume, complexity and schedule requirements.

Industrialisation and volume production

Art of Technology organises volume production using the prototype manufacturer wherever possible. This helps reduce learning curves, build confidence and enhance quality levels.

It also allows ideas and feedback from the manufacturer, or cost reduction opportunities identified during testing to be incorporated into a re-design of the device during the industrialisation process to achieve the best fit for mass (automated) production.

Design and consultancy services

Art of Technology’s consulting services cover a wide range of topics and interests. The company evaluates and assesses various approaches and works closely with the client to identify the most suitable solution.

Available solutions range from single elements to a combination of services.

Concept and technology studies

Art of Technology’s concept studies help to create ideas and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of implementing those ideas, which help minimise the likelihood of errors, manage costs, assess risks and evaluate the potential success of a project.

These technology studies precisely define the intended application, identify suitable technologies and bring everyone involved to the same level of understanding.

Technology selection

Art of Technology supports clients in determining a suitable technology that will provide long-term value and meet a project’s needs. This process requires clearly defined requirements and a deep technical understanding of what is available.

The company helps clients select technologies in relation to the initial outlay, development and production costs, as well as the associated risks and benefits.

Design reviews

Regular design reviews enable latent errors to be detected and corrected at an early stage, with minimal impact on costs. The result is fewer re-designs and re-works, potential time and cost savings, as well as improved overall quality.

Art of Technology’s established review process comprises a bug-tracking tool that allows transparent and continuous handling and tracking of identified issues, as well as the documentation of corrective actions.

Troubleshooting and support

Art of Technology supplies fast professional help for critical projects where time schedules, goals and the success of the project are becoming increasingly uncertain.

The company provides engineering support for routine or maintenance tasks, enabling clients to concentrate on the core activities of the project.

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Press Release

Case Studies in Electronic Design and Development

Art of Technology (AoT) provides design and development services for a wide range of applications. Here, the company outlines some key projects it has contributed to in the medical device and space-flight industries to demonstrate how its high-quality solutions can help you.

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Press Release

5 March 2019

Art of Technology (AoT) provides design and development services for a wide range of applications. Here, the company outlines some key projects it has contributed to in the medical device and space-flight industries to demonstrate how its high-quality solutions can help you.

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Art of Technology AG

Technoparkstrasse 1

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+ 41 43 311 7700 +41 43 311 7709

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