Following analysis of the system requirements, Art of Technology (AoT) creates a detailed hardware specification complete with calculations, schematics, layouts and the associated production documents, test specifications and test plans.

AoT performs all the tasks required for the development of hardware, ranging from analogue and high-frequency (GHz) circuits to digital technology, including today’s microprocessor controlled systems. In addition to pure electronics, AoT also offers design and development of the associated mechanics and housings.

The company designs, implements and tests software for embedded systems and technical software for PCs running MS-Windows or Embedded-Linux with the programming language based on the requirements of the project.

The programming languages used are chosen based on the requirements of the project, e.g.

  • C, C++ and C# (with company internally developed software framework for medical projects)
  • Java, Javascript, Perl, bash, LabView, M4
  • Win-API, Linux
  • Assembler