The CyberMed NB Series is powered by hot-swap batteries and comes in 19in-24in screen sizes. The use of hot-swap batteries means these units never need to be plugged into a wall outlet. Instead, the two or three batteries (depending on the unit) provide up to 21 hours of uptime on a single charge. And because depleted batteries can be swapped out on the fly for fresh ones without interruption, these units can actually run 24/7.

This is a breakthrough for point of care applications. When paired with a non-powered cart, facilities can save thousands of dollars while giving their clinicians a device that is ready for patient charting, telehealth applications, or patient monitoring without ever needing to be plugged in to recharge.

Equipped with all of the same medical-grade features as the CyberMed Ss series, the NB series is fully antimicrobial, IP65 and IEC/UL 60601-1 certified and customizable to be Imprivata certified. A fanless design means it is used in sterile environments like an operating room or compounding pharmacy.