Cybernet Manufacturing is a global leader in medical-grade computer technology.

Cybernet designs and manufactures a full line of medical-grade computers and tablets that can be found in some of the largest healthcare organisations around the world.

All of Cybernet’s medical grade computers and tablets go through rigorous independent testing to attain medical-grade ratings including testing the antimicrobial properties of our housings and touch glass, global 60601-1 certification for safe use near patients, and IP65 ratings for worry-free disinfection.

Fanless medical panel PCs

Cybernet’s flagship series is our CyberMed S series of medical panel PCs ranging in screen sizes from 19in to 24in, with a 4k UHD display also available in a 24in model.

We’ve engineered all of our medical grade computers to meet the exacting needs of healthcare facilities. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for infection control has been extremely heightened. That is why our medical panel PCs feature fanless designs to prevent harmful microbes from spreading in sterile environments. The antimicrobial properties in our housings and touch glass have been independently tested and proven to kill 99.9% of all harmful pathogens. Our IP65 rated sealed front bezel provides an additional layer of protection, allowing our units to be sprayed down with chemical disinfectant without damaging the unit. That’s what makes Cybernet’s medical panel PCs true medical grade.

Battery-powered medical computers

Our CyberMed NB series of hot-swap battery-powered medical computers is an innovative breakthrough. Also available in 19in to 24in screen sizes, these breakthrough medical computers run on two or three hot-swap batteries depending on the size of the units.

This gives you up to 21 hours of uptime on a single charge, allowing you to pair these units with a non-powered cart for significant total savings. What sets the CyberMed NB series apart from other hot-swap options is the DC power out functionality that allows you to power a third-party device such as a barcode scanner or Zebra printer directly from the computer.

Finally, because you can easily swap out depleted batteries for fresh ones on the fly without interrupting the power flow to the computer, these units can essentially run 24/7, never needing to be plugged in to charge.

Customisable and rugged medical tablets

When it comes to mobile medical technology, Cybernet is leading the way. Our medical tablets feature the same antimicrobial housings, are Windows-based, and highly customisable.

Our rugged CyberMed Rx tablet is perfect for daily use or field medicine while our CyberMed T10C is preferred by medical device manufacturers for its ease of integration into existing device hardware.

Cybernet has spent decades working with healthcare systems and medical device manufacturers to better understand their needs. All of our units are highly customisable and because we are the actual manufacturer, we can modify our units to each end user’s specific needs. We also work with industry’s leaders, such as Imprivata, and offer more than a dozen computers and tablets that have been independently certified for secure single sign-on.

About Cybernet

Established in 1996, Cybernet has been a pioneer in the all-in-one computer space for more than 25 years.

We’ve brought that expertise to our medical computers and combined that knowledge with decades of working with the largest healthcare systems and medical device manufacturers in the world to create the gold standard in medical grade computers. We boast a less than 2% failure rate throughout our full product line and have offices around the world in the US, UK, Taiwan, and Australia to better serve our global partners.

As such, you can find Cybernet computers in some of the largest healthcare systems around the world, including Providence Health, Adventist Health and the VA in the United States, multiple health authorities in Canada, the NHS in the UK, the Belgian and French national health systems, and New South Wales Health in Australia.

We also work with several prominent medical device suppliers such as Becton Dickenson, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and others.