Cybernet offers an array of medical-grade monitors, including the PX series.

Available in 19in-24in screen sizes, these monitors are great for a variety of applications. Cybernet ever offers a 4k medical monitor, the PX24k. Engineered to meet even the most exacting standards, all of Cybernet’s medical monitors are designed to be IEC/UL 6060-1 certified, with an IP65 sealed front bezel for easy disinfection, have an antimicrobial housing and touch glass, with vivid HD resolution.

Furthermore, these units can be customized to include antiglare filters – ideal for operating rooms – and privacy filters, which help protect sensitive patient data. Unlike other manufacturers, these filters are embedded underneath the touch glass, meaning the can’t be removed or damaged.

Dual monitor functionality is available, as is VESA mount compatibility, allowing these units to be mounted nearly anywhere in a facility or on a medical cart.