For applications where you do not need calibration or flushing, just plain pressure monitoring, Elcam’s Disposable Pressure Transducer (DPT) is the product. No bells and whistles, just our well-known quality and service.

The new recently launched configuration of Elcam’s DPT was designed as part of our continuous endeavours to improve our product offerings. The new low-profile DPT that will gradually replace Elcam’s old DPT was designed by request from the market to be more suitable for applications that do not require the use of a flush device. The low profile transducer is more elegant, intuitive and easy to use and will continue to present all the benefits of the older version:

Ease of use

  • Full visibility of the flow path
  • Easy and safe priming and debubling
  • Improved luer locks – utilising Elcam’s ‘ramp lock’ patent for excellent connectivity


  • Variety of configurations
  • Available with or without bonded stopcocks
  • Optional logo engraving or printing
  • Variety of cable connectors

Reliability and Safety

  • Elcam’s high-quality standards

The DPT is suitable for any pressure monitoring applications for which a flush device is not required. Download the attached product page to learn more.