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Disposable Medical Devices and Components for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Elcam Medical (Elcam) produces disposable medical devices and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and offers innovative solutions for specialised flow control needs.

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Disposable Medical Devices and Components

Elcam Medical (Elcam) produces disposable medical devices and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and offers innovative solutions for specialised flow control needs.

The company works alongside the medical industry’s foremost companies, enhancing medical fluid management effectiveness and safety in acute settings such as interventional cardiology and radiology, vital signs monitoring, intravenous (IV) therapy and dialysis.

As one of the global leaders of fundamental elements in fluid management systems such as manifolds and stopcocks in the OEM markets, Elcam provides a wide range of standard products, maximising efforts to offer customised solutions.

The company achieves this through a comprehensive understanding of the medical environment and an intimate relationship with its clients.

Medical devices and components for OEMs

Specially designed to increase safety and save valuable time, Elcam’s Marvelous™ (MRVLS) stopcock is essential in critical care. Its inner channel, and a normally closed Luer-activated, swabbable-sampling port, assures continuous flushing of internal valve volume, enabling efficient and safe blood sampling and IV administration.

The company’s Safe2 Rotator™ connector provides secured connection throughout entire treatment to reduce associated risks such as air ingress, drug spills and blood loss while preventing accidental disconnections.

Elcam’s SafeT™ product line, which includes Tritan™ incorporated stopcocks and connectors, offers safer treatment through enhanced chemical and lipid resistance.

Clinical solutions for OEMs

Elcam specialises in the development and manufacturing of flow control and related devices for the OEM marketplace. The company’s products are used in demanding environments such as critical care units, operating rooms and interventional suits.

Its solutions focus on enhancing patient and caregiver safety in clinical expertise of IV therapy and anaesthesia, patient monitoring, interventional cardiology and radiology, and dialysis. Elcam designs its innovative solutions to meet its clients’ requirements and provide various benefits.

Elcam’s main product lines include stopcocks and manifolds, disposable pressure transducers, accessories for interventional cardiology and radiology and drug delivery devices.

The company’s stopcocks feature multiple variations and meet the unique needs of demanding OEM applications.

Innovative product features such as lipid resistance, integrated swabbable Luer activated valve, inline automatic flushing, large bore design, and tube socket for efficient bonding, are just a few of the improvements seen in these products. These features contribute to the well-known reliability, functionality and quality of Elcam’s extensive flow control products.

Furthermore, the company’s disposable integrated transducers are one of the only fully integrated pressure transducers in the market. They provide improved safety and reliability by featuring unmatched robustness, along with space-saving and ease of use.

Delivering world-class medical devices worldwide

Elcam strives to balance quantity with quality, incorporating and executing its mission throughout its sub-brands, so that its clients may access the opportunities offered when value meets volume:

  • Elcam Devices™ represents a commitment to the OEM market, with its obligation to remain current and innovative. The brand comprises Elcam’s speciality stopcocks, transducers, patient monitoring and interventional accessories.
  • Elcam Stopcocks™ offers benefits such as extensive portfolio, seamless integration, innovation with a commitment to safety and exceptional continuous customer experience.
  • Elcam Components™ meets sourcing everyday device needs for medical fluid control applications such as dialysis sets and IV therapy, offering the most extensive range of devices from one source.
  • Elcam group subsidiary E3D Elcam Drug Delivery Devices develops drug delivery devices for biologic products, conventional drugs and biosimilar drugs.

The Elcam Medical value package

Elcam’s customised products combine its expertise and world-class equipment and production capacity. The company’s customisation capabilities are extensive and include unmatched flow rates, configurations, handle styles, and a variety of high-performance materials.

Passionate about its clients’ success, Elcam continually supports its customers throughout the partnership, offering services from logistic support to clinical assistance.

Elcam also offers specialised support with design and development, and process engineering and regulatory, to transform its clients’ concepts into reliable and working products.

The company shares its expertise with its clients, consistently delivering on its promises. Furthermore, it adheres to rigorous measures and processes so that its clients and partners can receive high-quality solutions.

Elcam has manufacturing facilities in Italy and Israel, as well as offices and representatives in Asia, Europe, the US and South America.

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