Good and safe connection of medical tubing is critical to safe and effective therapy. When a patient moves, tubes get tangled and disconnected and tubing disconnections can result in serious and irreversible patient injury due to the following adverse events:

  • Medication discontinuation
  • Blood loss
  • Air ingress and air embolism
  • Microbial ingress and catheter blood stream infection
  • Exposure to blood and hazardous drugs
  • Line misconnections and delivery of drugs through the wrong route

Apart from being securely connected, Luer connectors, and specifically stopcocks, must also be convenient to use and perform their primary functions – directing fluids and providing access to the set.

With this in mind, Elcam Medical has designed the new Safe2 Rotator™ (S2R).

Elcam’s S2R spinning lock feature, available in both standalone connector for tube bonding and stopcock configurations, provides a small yet significant contribution to the efforts of keeping medical teams and patients safe. It was designed to ensure secured connection along the entire treatment so critical to safe and effective therapy, which is even more critical in light of the current Covid-19 crisis (with longer extension tubing used for pumps outside the patient room).

The S2R and its 360º rotational flexibility can help prevent accidental disconnections, reduce tube kinks and twists in the tubing set, and facilitate a convenient approach to injection and sampling ports.

Download the above product page to discover all the advantages and available customisation options of the S2R to keep your connections rotating securely.