Elcam has long been an advocate for the safety of both patients and medical teams. The safety features of our products like the Marvelous™ and closed stopcocks and others were developed to help reduce the risks that medical teams face regularly, such as needle stick injuries and exposure to blood and drugs during manipulations.

‘Safety is in the details’ has been our slogan for some time now, and safety always matters, for both patients and clinicians. The Covid-19 crisis has emphasised the necessary precautions for medical teams and the cruciality of keeping them safe from exposure to the virus at the forefront of fighting this epidemic.

The Marvelous is an advanced stopcock with two main features that contribute to patient and caregiver safety and workflow improvement:

  • The luer-activated valve (LAV) serves as a bacterial barrier, allowing access to the line without opening it and producing a needle-free injection site.
  • The fluid flow around the handle creates a unique ‘circumferential channel’ that reaches the entire internal volume of the valve. Whether a drug or blood, the internal volume is constantly flushed by the in-line flow providing greater protection against blood clotting and bacterial colonisation.

Improved patient safety

The LAV creates a bacterial barrier that reduces the risk of air embolism and contamination due to air and bacterial ingress. The inner channel and the constant flushing of the side port minimize dead space and prevent stagnation, which, based on the results of multiple studies, can reduce the risk of bacterial colonisation.

Fewer manipulations due to the continuous flushing feature further decrease the risk of nosocomial transmission of infection and reduce medication errors.

Improved caregiver safety

The LAV reduces the risk of needle stick injuries and decreases exposure to blood and drugs during stopcock manipulation.

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