Serenno Medical, a developer of medical devices for patient monitoring in a hospital setting, announced on 20 January 2021 that Elcam Medical, has invested $1.5 million in the company and will also manufacture Sentinel™, Serenno’s urine output and intra-abdominal pressure digital monitoring device for the detection of acute kidney injury (AKI).

Continuous kidney function monitoring enables early detection of AKI, a common condition in hospitalized patients that significantly increases the risk of mortality during and after hospitalization. Accurate measurement of urine output (UO) is clinically accepted as the best method for monitoring changes in kidney function. However, UO is currently monitored intermittently and manually by ICU staff, therefore acute changes in urine flow are difficult to detect. Thus, kidney injury is often detected relatively late, sometimes after it is impossible to prevent further progression.

Sentinel™ offers a simple and cost-effective solution for the precise, continuous measurement of urine volume and flow rate in real-time. The system promotes early detection of kidney injury, while there is still time to intervene and prevent further damage. It aims to automatically and accurately detect small changes in kidney function, allowing remote detection by the medical staff, thus reducing both patient and caregiver risk.

Elcam Medical joins existing investors Alon Medtech and medical device inventor, entrepreneur and investor, Dr Shimon Eckhouse. Igal Kohn, Elcam Medical’s CEO, shared: “Our investment in Serenno and the establishment of a production line for its device is aligned with Elcam’s strategy to cooperate with promising Israeli startups to deliver products with added value for the patient. Elcam Medical has joined Serenno as a board member and we look forward to taking part in the company’s continued successes.”

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