As part of Elcam’s continuous efforts to expand its product range to best answer customers’ stopcocks needs, Elcam is now offering its stopcocks with a variety of extension tube lines as cost-effective sub-assemblies.

Elcam offers the widest variety of tube fitments for bonding or oversizing off the shelf or tailor-made that, together with Elcam’s highly automated processes, ensure consistent production of high-quality products.

Available customisation options include different tube lengths and tube diameters, male luer lock connectors and optional connector covers. Elcam’s unique Safe2 Rotator™ connector will be available in the future as another optional customisation. Download the above product page to see our full range.

The bonding of medical components involves a thorough understanding of design, material compatibility, performance testing and assembly methods. Tube assembly using solvent bonds, for example, can be cost-effective, but might prove tricky in achieving desired performance.

Elcam is happy to share its expertise in solvent bonding processes. Contact us for more information.