The E-2000™ EtO-sterilization proof connection with optional IP 65 protection has been designed to meet today’s requirements for safety, reliability and quality within several markets such as biomedical and applications subject to special environmental conditions.

The E-2000™ EtO/IP 65 connection is based on the Standard E-2000™ connector and mating adapter but incorporates some additional parts that offer an excellent sealed optical connection.

This solution is available for all standard multimode (MM), single-mode (SM), physical contact (PC) / angle-polished connectors (APC), polarisation maintaining (PM), Power Solution SM/MM and visible light (VIS) / near-infrared (NIR) short wavelengths interfaces.

The following accessories are also available:

  • Attenuators
  • Transition adapters (from 0° PC connectors to 8° APC connectors),
  • Sacrificial interfaces
  • Optical termination modules
  • Hybrid adapters
  • Optical reflectors
  • Modular interchangeable adapters (MAS)
  • Interface Module (IMOD)
  • Transmitter (MAT)
  • Receiver (MAR) modules

Features and benefits

  • Colour-coding and mechanical keying to ensure correct matings.
  • Spring-loaded protective cap for high-power applications providing increased safety protection
  • Specially designed body to prevent endface damage during mating
  • Modular designed mating adapters with metal protective shutters for high-power applications
  • E-2000™ Simplex with non-magnetic components available
  • Assemblies available with different plastic and metal flexible jacketing, include Elastometer (Hytrel), PEEK (Victrex 450), PA (nylon), PTFE (teflon) and stainless steel