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High-Precision Fibre-Optic Interconnect Solutions

DIAMOND provides fibre-optic interconnect solutions for imaging, therapy and diagnostic medical devices.

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DIAMOND provides fibre-optic interconnect solutions for imaging, therapy and diagnostic medical devices.

The company’s optimised components form reliable connections between fibres and assemblies for increased endurance and performance in medical tools, also enabling device development for less invasive operating methods.

DIAMOND has state-of-the-art production capabilities and more than 35 years of design and engineering experience.

The DiaLink EtO sterilisable fibre-optic connector features an innovative circular design.
The E-2000™ IP65-rated and EtO sterilisable fibre-optic connector has a protective cap and colour / mechanical coding.
The DiaClean cleaning kit maintains the high-performance levels achieved by DIAMOND's fibre-optic products.

Advanced fibre-optic component manufacturing for medical devices

DIAMOND’s fibre-optic components are suitable for diagnostic and analytical devices, laser-based surgical instrumentation, operating room equipment and medical research solutions.

The technology also supports therapeutic applications such as the incorporation of mid-to-high power laser signals into catheters or endoscopes to perform laser therapy.

Power-transmitting connectivities are available for visible light (VIS), ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation.

Active core alignment to increase fibre-to-fibre eccentricity

DIAMOND utilises a unique manufacturing technique for its advanced connectors and fibre-optic components that have been developed over the last 25 years. The active core alignment (ACA) technique was introduced to dramatically reduce insertion loss (IL) to extremely low values by minimising fibre-to-fibre eccentricity between connector ferrules.

The assembly process begins with the drilling of a ferrule made from high-quality zirconia with a titanium end-face insert. An optical fibre cable is then anchored into the ferrule with proper epoxy.

Once curing is accomplished, DIAMOND uses a high-precision measuring system to determine the eccentricity of the fibre core, which is reduced to <0.125μm by means of a dedicated crimping tool. Each termination is automatically tracked and logged.

Visible and near-infrared light fibres

The ACA process can be applied to any kind of fibre and results in high return loss (RL) and low IL.

DIAMOND offers VIS and near-infrared (NIR) optical interfaces for low wavelengths and small core fibres on connectors with biomedical, measuring, sensing and laser source applications.

The cables are made with high polish for RL and have a low lateral offset for IL.

PM cables and active polarisation orientation procedure

DIAMOND’s polarization-maintaining (PM) and polarizing (PZ) fibre-optical interfaces optimise control of a signal’s polarisation state.

With applications in areas such as biomedicine, spectroscopy, metrology, telecommunications and sensorics, the cables have high polarisation extinction ratios (PER).

In addition, an active polarisation orientation (APO) procedure provides optimised alignment between the mechanical connector’s key and the true polarisation axis for high PER. The ACA process for PM and PZ cables further decreases eccentricity between the fibre’s core and the ferrule for low IL.

Power solutions for single mode contact optical interfaces

DIAMOND’s Power solutions (PS) offerings improve power resistance while maintaining low IL and high RL.

The firm’s PS optical interface expands the light beam of a single-mode (SM) by a factor of four or five.

This increases the beam surface by factor 15, which allowed for higher power handling for enhanced connection resilience against contaminants.

Power solutions for multimode contact optical interfaces

DIAMOND offers multimode fibre connectors for the transmission of even higher power levels. This solution enables the implementation of modular and more agile systems that are not constrained by the use of fibre splicing.

These PS interfaces can be combined with the interlock features for additional safety functionalities.

Custom connectors for medical devices

DIAMOND supplies a range of customised solutions to meet specific customer requirements in terms of sterilisability, constraints, optomechanical performance, reliability and traceability.

The company’s staff is experienced in adapting different technologies and have strong in-house capabilities to accomodate specific customer’s needs. This includes design, development, manufacturing and testing of fibre-optic equipment.

Cleanroom manufacturing and calibration lab for fibre-optic components

DIAMOND’s ISO 7 Cleanroom (Class 10,000 per FED STD 209E) is suitable for manufacturing, testing and packaging products in a controlled environment.

The company also has an independent accredited test and calibration laboratory for internal quality check purposes.

Its services such as instrument calibration, measurement and testing of fibre-optic components are also offered to third parties.

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  • DIAMOND Harsh Environment

    DIAMOND supplies fibre-optic interconnect solutions for industries such as the oil/gas, mining, industrial, military and medical device industry.

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Products & services

  • The DiaLink Fibre-Optic Connector

    Featuring an intelligent circular design, the DiaLink connector (patent pending) is setting new standards in fibre-optic cable connections.

  • Fibre-optic sacrificial interfaces

    Optical Sacrificial Interfaces are compact, in-line, male-to-female components used in laboratory and field test equipment to protect front panel connector end-faces from the damage and contamination of repeated mating and de-mating.

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