Optical Sacrificial Interfaces are compact, in-line, male-to-female components used in laboratory and field test equipment to protect front panel connector end-faces from the damage and contamination of repeated mating and de-mating.

The use of sacrificial interfaces avoids costly instrument re-calibration that usually requires the equipment to be returned to the manufacturer or specialised service centres and eliminates equipment downtime.

The sacrificial interface can be connected to the front of the panel instrument to facilitate user access, or inside it for instrument manufacturers who prefer to provide service and maintenance themselves.

Diamond Sacrificial Interfaces are available for multimode (MM) and single-mode (SM) fibres, with different end-face geometries, including physical contact (PC)/PC, angled physical connector (APC)/APC, to a wide range of international connector standards.

The Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology used in the Diamond Sacrificial Interfaces ensures minimal additional insertion loss and back reflections combined with exceptional repeatability due to the ultra-high tolerance Titanium interfaces.