A breakthrough with HDI

High-tech for your applications, HDI printed circuit boards have played an important role in the history of AT&S; indeed, they marked the beginning of the company’s rise to become the market leader in the manufacture of high-end PCBs. The high circuit density and small structures enable tiny form factors for devices like mobile phones and digital cameras, and make the process of controlling engines and other complex systems efficient. They combine various technologies in one system to save time and increase comfort.

Benefits of high-density interconnect PCBs:

  • Higher circuit density enables a high degree of miniaturisation.
  • Short and fast connections mean high data rates.
  • The compact design keeps line lengths and losses to a minimum.
  • HDI technology can be combined with other AT&S processes to create highly adaptable printed circuit boards.
  • Eco-friendly materials without halogens can be used during production.

HDI printed circuit boards are used in satellite communications, driving assistance systems, consumer electronics, aircraft, engine controls, digital cameras, smartphones and medical devices.