Transfer large quantities of data wirelessly

Improve your signal integrity and speed with clear and fast communication without signal loss, and transfer large quantities of data wirelessly to enable autonomous driving and machine-to-machine communication.

High-frequency and high-speed printed circuit boards from AT&S feature short signal pathways that are reliable, unrivalled in speed and consume less power. An alternative is to use a simpler analogue circuit for the antenna and install this on a separate, less expensive printed circuit board. Both options meet the specific circuit requirements perfectly for the antenna and signal processing.

The two circuit boards for the antenna and the signal processing are assembled into a single unit at the end of production and delivered as a finished component. This type of connection has no need for plugs or wires that would otherwise lead to losses.

Benefits of high-frequency and high-speed PCBs:

  • Allows antennae and signal processing to be integrated in a complete package.
  • The compact design ensures shorter signal pathways.
  • Low losses during signal transmission and processing.