Harness the power of microchips with IC substrates from AT&S – the interface between the world of semiconductors and PCBs.

Enable the fastest data management with cutting-edge technology – be ready to master the challenges of digitalisation with AT&S.

IC (integrated circuit) substrates connect these highly complex microchips to the circuit boards on which the memory, power supply and other vital system components are mounted. The substrates connect the tiny inputs and outputs of powerful microchips with the much larger structures on the printed circuit board to create a bridge between the nano world of the semiconductor industry and the micro world of printed circuit boards. Today, substrates are included in the housings for almost all high-performance microchips and are crucial for every form of data processing.

IC Substrate benefits

  • AT&S substrates offer top performance and proven reliability.
  • We can adapt our substrates flexibly according to our customers’ wishes.
  • The high degree of flexibility allows us to come up with new solutions for changing requirements quickly.

At AT&S, we use an advanced assembly method to produce substrates. This process is highly automated and non-contact, and takes place entirely in a cleanroom environment.