Modules for quick and easy solutions

Better hearing without interference thanks to the best sound processors powered by AT&S module PCBs for increased comfort by connecting hearing aids to entertainment devices.

With the growing technical performance requirements and ever shorter product life cycles, the trend towards modularisation will continue apace over the coming years. Mindful of this, AT&S is now also developing the market for modules. By including previously tested modules, customers can integrate entire systems into their production more easily and quickly. This allows them to bring their products to market even faster, saving vast amounts of time and expense.

The AT&S toolbox includes printed circuit boards, IC substrates and component embedding. This allows us to support module integration for sensors, connectivity, wireless communication, power management and data storage. Custom solutions are also possible in collaboration with our R&D team and the new R&D line.

Module benefits:

  • Very small substrate-like printed circuit boards can significantly reduce system size.
  • Modularisation can reduce production costs for device manufacturers.
  • Modules can be integrated into systems just as easily as any other components.
  • Manufactures can reduce the time to marketed by creating systems out of pre/built components.