At nanoComposix, we specialise in developing nanomaterials, composites and formulations with tailored optical, physical and bio-functional properties.

Our expertise in the fabrication and scale-up of nanomaterials for use in products that require ISO13485:2016 and cGMP-compliant quality systems makes us uniquely suited to the challenges of diagnostic applications.

We specialise in developing nanoparticles with targeted properties to address our client’s unique applications. These properties include:

Optical and Plasmonic Response:

By tuning the material, size and shape of the nanoparticle, we can precisely engineer nanoparticles to match target optical profiles and enable detection in a wide variety of diagnostic technologies.

Surface Chemistry & Biofunctionalisation:

Our chemists can surface functionalise and bio-functionalise a wide range of nanomaterials, from metal and metal oxide nanoparticles to carbon nanotubes. Utilising polymers, inorganic coatings and biomolecules like antibodies and oligonucleotides, we unlock specific targeting or compatibility requirements to elevate the performance of nanoparticles in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


We have engineered particles for surface-enhanced fluorescence applications by fabricating composite ‘nanotags’ that use a silver core surrounded by a silica shell containing a fluorescent molecule. By tuning the optical properties of the metal core and the fluorophore location within the silica shell, these SEF nanotags can be engineered to provide bright, stable fluorescence throughout the visible and near-IR spectrum


We have developed unique nanoparticles that are optimised for a variety of biomedical applications. In addition to iron oxide nanoparticles, we have engineered several magnetic composite nanoparticles that combine the magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles with additional plasmonic or fluorescent properties.