Notak® is SilcoTek’s newest and most hydrophobic and oleophobic surface treatment. Applied via chemical vapour deposition (CVD), the patented Notak coating process improves surface repelling properties to resist the unwanted build-up of water, oils, sticky hydrocarbons and other foulants.

Coating Benefits for Plastic Moulds, Chemical Process, Analytical and Heat Exchanger Systems

  • Improve plastic mold release
  • Reduce heat exchanger maintenance
  • Prevent fouling related failures in polymer production
  • Use wherever water repelling or oil repelling properties are needed


  • Analytical: Improve moisture resistance and prevent fouling in critical flow paths and instrument probes.
  • Chemical Process: Prevent fouling of critical flow paths and reduce heat exchanger maintenance.
  • Plastic Mould Release: Improve mould release and prevent plastic fouling; improve the quality of moulded plastics.
  • Oil & Gas Refining: Prevent heat exchanger fouling in small heat exchangers.