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Chemical Vapour Deposition Coatings for Medical Applications

SilcoTek supplies chemical vapour deposition (CVD) coatings designed to minimise flow path interference to ensure accuracy.

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SilcoTek provides coatings applied using chemical vapour deposition (CVD). Our patented coating technologies are suitable for the laboratory, plant or field and are designed to provide advanced surface solutions that typical materials or coatings cannot.

We aim to provide game-changing coatings for our customers and have them see the SilcoTek difference in every order they place. Our technology was born in the chromatography lab for lowering detection limits in instrumentation, but it is now used in various markets, including medical device applications.

SilcoTek’s ZIP Code guides the conduct that our employees follow each day to create a culture of success for the brand and its customers. We aim to create zero disappointments, demonstrate integrity in all we do and provide a Plus One Customer Service.

Chemical vapour coating for added accuracy and durability

SilcoTek CVD technologies create a non-reactive surface that prevents test samples from interacting with the stainless steel, glass and ceramic flow path surfaces. The inert coating, Dursan®, improves corrosion resistance and prevents proteins binding to the sample flow path surface.

A SilcoTek-coated centrifuge to prevent proteins from binding and allow easier cleaning.
SilcoTek’s Dursan coating process can be applied to needles to ensure an inert surface for sampling.
Glass vials can be treated by SilcoTek’s coating process to prevent contamination while storing samples.
Our headquarters are located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Dursan has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and complies with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

The benefits of an inert flow path in medical diagnostic equipment include:

• Minimised test errors as non-specific proteins cannot bind to flow path surfaces. The combination of Dursan coating and a wash step containing a non-ionic surfactant allows tested proteins to be fully removed.

• Increased component life due to greater corrosion resistance. Comparative tests show a significant improvement in component durability when exposed to corrosives such as bleach.

• Prevention of sample carryover and contamination by reducing surface pitting in corrosive environments.

• Improved durability during sonication. Comparison studies showed that sonication made polymer coatings less protein-resistant, but had no negative impact on Dursan’s performance.

Multi-purpose coatings with minimal flow path interruption

SilcoTek coatings can be used to prevent the test analyte from interacting with the flow path surface. The Dursan inert coating prevents adsorption, reactivity and flow path corrosion.

Our coatings can be used for analysing chelating agents and other metal interactive compounds, analysing phosphates to prevent iron interaction, and the analysis and removal of proteins. They are also suitable for polyetheretherketone (PEEK) replacement in high-durability settings, as well as corrosion resistance applications.

About SilcoTek

Previously a division of Restek, SilcoTek was established as an independent company in January 2009. Since then, our coatings have helped engineers, analysts, chemists and more save time, increase their productivity and achieve performance beyond what was previously possible for them.

In 2019, we finished building an ultra-modern coating facility that has tripled our capacity and improved our innovative coating process. In 2020, we completed another major plant expansion, doubling our previous capacity.

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Products & services

  • SilcoNert - The Ultimate Inert Coating for Superior Analytical Performance

    SilcoNert® is an inert non reactive silicon coating process that makes flow paths inert for better process control, consistent sampling and analytical results. The patented chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process bonds the coating to stainless steel, alloy, ceramic, and glass, making a high tolerance durable coating even under extreme temperatures and pressures.

  • SilcoGuard - A High-Purity Low Outgassing Coating

    SilcoGuard® is a high-purity silicon barrier coating process designed to minimise vacuum system outgassing and contamination in ultra-high vacuum chambers and semiconductor process flow paths. SilcoGuard is bonded to stainless steel, alloy, glass, and ceramic surfaces by SilcoTek's patented chemical vapor deposition process.

  • Notak - The Ultimate in Non-Stick Coatings

    Notak® is SilcoTek’s newest and most hydrophobic and oleophobic surface treatment. Applied via chemical vapour deposition (CVD), the patented Notak coating process improves surface repelling properties to resist the unwanted build-up of water, oils, sticky hydrocarbons and other foulants.

225 Penntech Dr
Bellefonte, PA 16823
United States of America