SilcoKlean® is a high-temperature precision anti-coking coating process, designed specifically to reduce carbon coking and improve fouling resistance on stainless steel and speciality alloy surfaces.

SilcoTek’s patented non-line-of-sight CVD process produces a flexible, high durability silicon layer that conforms to the most intricate surface, while maintaining high dimensional tolerances. SilcoKlean 1000 layer will flex with metal surfaces, and form leak-free seals, even under the most demanding high-temperature conditions.

Coating Benefits for Anti Fouling Applications

  • Extend maintenance cycles
  • Improve long term performance and reduce emissions
  • Stop fouling of aftercoolers and heat exchangers
  • Reduce fouling during stack and flare sampling
  • Stop clogging of valves and fittings in refining & petrochemical processes

Non-reactive, high-temperature CVD coating

SilcoKlean® reduces the formation of carbon by preventing exposed metal surfaces from catalysing fuel into carbon filaments. Our high-durability silicon surface reduces carbon fouling by eight-fold when compared to an uncoated 316 stainless steel surface.

Particulates deposited on the coated surface can be easily removed with mild sonication; ensuring peak performance and reliability.


  • Automotive: Coat flow path surfaces to prevent carbon fouling in fuel systems, injectors, and EGR systems to improve performance and reduce maintenance.
  • Aerospace: Coat fuel delivery systems, nozzles, and heat exchangers to improve reliability and reduce maintenance.
  • Research: Coat surfaces to prevent catalytic reaction with flow path surfaces.  Prevent surface fouling to improve flow and test precision. Ideal for high temperature reactors, tubing, and heat exchangers.
  • Petrochemical & Refining: Coat flare and stack probes, tubing, fittings, and sample cylinders to prevent fouling and improve plant system flow performance.