Demanding medical device performance often requires components manufactured to very precise specifications. Lubricants, dust, particulate, fingerprints or production contamination must be removed prior to processing or assembly.

Cleaning parts with solvents are excellent because they are highly effective on lubricants, silicones, and greases. Parts cleaning fluids used in a vapour degreaser are low in viscosity and surface tension, which allows them to get into tight crevices and wet all the surfaces of the parts. They also offer high solvency allowing them to rigorously clean the surface and displace stubborn soils.

Most of these fluids are hostile to pyrogens, simplifying cleaning and minimising bioburden. MicroCare Medical cleaners generally out-perform aqueous cleaning with faster cleaning times, fewer process steps, reduced energy usage, improved cleaning, smaller footprints and simplified waste disposal. Medical device parts leave the vapour degreaser clean, dry and cool, removing the risk of water carrying into down-line processes.

Cleaning fluids are also used for solvent debinding inside a vapour degreaser. Ideal for parts created through metal injection moulded or additive manufacturing processes, the debinding fluids selectively remove the wax binders from green parts prior to sintering. The debinding fluid properties allow the debinding fluid to thoroughly debind very small, complex and intricate devices and parts.

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