MicroCare Medical provides high-purity cleaning, coating and lubricating products for the medical device sector.

The company’s products are built on a legacy of chemical engineering excellence, resulting in some of the most advanced, environmentally progressive and sustainable medical device coatings, lubricants and cleaners today.

MicroCare provides both standard and customised formulas for successful medical device manufacturing. All make manufacturing better, faster, safer and at the lowest cost-per-part.

Dry lubricant to reduce sticking and friction

Duraglide Dry Lubricant features a proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) micro-dispersion that lubricates parts that pivot, twist or slide. It reduces ‘stiction’ and required actuation strength by up to 25%, making it ideal for devices with complex movements such as cutting tools, staplers, catheters and hypo tubes.

Duraglide is fast-drying and non-migrating, producing a smooth and uniform coating on any surface. It is bioburden hostile and works with all commercial sterilisation procedures. Duraglide is the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) 10993 certified for easy cleanroom validation.

Carrier fluid for medical-grade lubricants

Our non-flammable MicroCare Universal Carrier Fluid carries and deposits medical-grade silicone lubricants onto medical parts and devices.

Universal Carrier Fluid evaporates quickly, resulting in a consistently thin coat of silicone on surfaces. It is safe, fast and easy to use, as well as hostile to bioburden.

MicroCare Medical customises the carrier fluid to each specification to address all dispensing challenges, materials compatibility, and coating concentration.

Swelling fluid for medical device assembly

Swellex Swelling fluid improves medical device assembly by allowing polyurethane and other thermoelastic tubing to slide over a barbed fitting or other connectors. It is ideal for use with intravenous (IV) tubes and bags, drainage catheters, dialysis machine tubing and other products using tubing and hoses.

It forms a tight, leakproof and secure grip over the fitting, no matter how complex the geometry. Swellex works on thin walls and even softer, larger diameter tubing. Safer than aggressive hexane, it has a low global warming potential (GWP) and complies with most air quality regulations.

Fluids for medical device parts cleaning and binder extraction

Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid (MCF) and Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid (CFCF) are sustainable precision cleaning fluids used in vapour degreasing.

Tergo MCF cleans heavy hydrocarbons, greases, waxes and silicone soils, and is a 3D/Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) parts debinder. Tergo CFCF is a non-halogenated, non-chlorinated fluid that cleans at a very high temperature to remove stubborn soils.

Both are non-flammable, non-pyrogenic and meet stringent environmental and worker safety regulations. They are drop-in replacements for older solvents such as tetrachloroethylene (PERC), trichloroethylene (TCE) and n-propyl bromide (nPB).

Environmentally sustainable solutions

MicroCare products are sold and shipped across the world, ensuring that products meet all local regulatory requirements. The company offers sustainable products with low GWP, low ozone-depleting potential (ODP) and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

MicroCare Medical helps restrict worker exposure, minimise water pollution, control harmful emissions and limit waste disposal. The company provides the best solutions for cleaning, lubricating and coating while protecting workers and avoiding damage to the planet.

Application specialists to solve device cleaning, lubricating and coating challenges

The unrivalled MicroCare Medical chemistries and the depth of the company’s technical knowledge earn it the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.  Its world-class chemists bring years of innovative research, developing the best speciality fluids to solve unique device cleaning, lubricating and coating challenges.

They help to troubleshoot current methods by performing contamination analysis and cleaning trials to give recommendations on the best products and process for individual needs.

The MicroCare Medical knowledgeable application specialists guide its clients throughout manufacturing processes, including on-site audits, product recommendations, cleaning system design and ongoing safety training.