MicroCare™ Universal Carrier Fluid carries and places medical-grade silicone lubricant onto medical tools and parts including sharps, needles and cannulas. It is also used as a cleaner for removing PDMS from parts, tubes and machinery during maintenance and service.

MicroCare Universal Carrier Fluid quickly evaporates, leaving a consistent, thin coat of silicone on the surface of the part. But it leaves no carrier residue. It is compatible with most metals including stainless steel. It is also safe to use on most industrial plastics including Polypropylene, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, PPE and PTFE.

MicroCare Universal Carrier Fluid is hostile to bioburden. It is nonflammable and chlorine-free for added workplace safety and improved air quality.  It is US EPA SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Program) approved.

MicroCare Medical tailors the Microcare Universal Carrier Fluid to your specifications to meet your dispensing methods, materials compatibility, and coating concentration requirements.

To learn more about MicroCare Universal Carrier Fluid, go to microcare.com.