Our world-class Microcare Medical Critical Cleaning Lab chemists are ready to help find your best cleaning fluids and processes for your particular medical device manufacturing application.

Whether analysing your current situation or starting fresh, the Critical Cleaning Lab performs contamination and cleaning studies to determine the best fluids and processes to use. They help you determine the optimal fluid for the task at hand and then audit your procedures to ensure you are working safely and profitably.

You can rely on the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab chemists to deliver faster, safer, better and more cost-effective medical device cleaning, coating and lubricating options.

Through their pioneering research, MicroCare Medical Critical Cleaning Lab chemists are innovating environmentally-progressive and sustainable products that help limit worker exposure, minimise water pollution, control emissions and limit waste disposal. MicroCare Medical positively embraces the challenge of regulatory requirements and eagerly develops new formulas to meet current and emerging global regulations.

To learn more about the MicroCare Medical Critical Cleaning Lab and the services they offer, visit microcare.com.