Duraglide™ Dry Lubricant reduces the friction and wear that is associated with moving surface-to-surface complex assemblies. It delivers a dry, uniform PTFE lubricant coating on any shape or surface. Duraglide smooths movement on parts that rock, pivot or slide, reducing actuation forces by up to 30%.  It is ideal for medical devices such as staplers, cutters, catheters and hypo tubes.

Duraglide also speeds medical device production when applied to production fixtures.  It makes an excellent mould release agent.  It is compatible with a variety of materials including plastics, metals and ceramics.  Simply spray, dip or brush it onto medical devices. It is non-migrating to promote facility cleanliness.

Duraglide is hostile to bioburden and is compatible with gamma radiation and ETO sterilisation. It is also ISO 10993 certified for simple cleanroom validation. It is nonflammable for safe storage and use. It is US EPA SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Program) approved.

Duraglide comes pre-mixed in precise concentrations ranging from 0.5% to 10%. Custom formulations also are available.

To learn more about Duraglide Dry Lubricant, go to microcare.com.