Swellex™ Swelling Fluid helps speed medical device assembly by making tube connections without mechanical stress or adhesives.  It temporarily expands moulded thermoelastomer tubing, allowing it to easily fit onto barbed fittings or to other connectors. After easy interconnect, Swellex quickly evaporates, returning the tubing to its original size. It doesn’t impact the tube compression, tear-strength or colour.

Swellex is ideal for use on IV tubes, catheters hoses and a host of other devices using tubing and hoses. It forms a leak-proof seal over the fitting, no matter how complex the geometry.

Swellex works on thin wall and even softer, larger diameter tubing. Safer to use than hexane or toluene, it has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and is VOC exempt.

To learn more about Swellex Tube Swelling Fluid, go to microcare.com.