The QBX electro-pneumatic pressure regulator is Proportion-Air’s versatile low-pressure regulator. The unit includes two solenoid valves, internal pressure sensor, electronic controls, and a manifold mounted inside an aluminum enclosure. It can used in nearly any environment, and its working range of full vacuum through 175 psig eliminates the need for multiple devices.

A variety of command ranges are available, including 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA, serial inputs and Ethernet options. Analog monitor output is standard and dual-loop configuration is available. The internal pressure transducer sends monitor feedback to constantly compare output to input. The valves adjust to either let air in or out of the system to maintain the correct setting. The QB2X (dual loop version) is also an excellent choice to pilot a volume booster or control valve with an external pressure transducer.

After being tested to nearly a billion cycles without the need for maintenance or recalibration, the QBX has the proven value and reliability your application demands. The MM is functionally the same as the QBX unit, but without the aluminum housing. This allows it to be installed where space is at a premium. The MM also has multiple mounting options, such as DIN-rail, and up to twelve units on a shared manifold.

Application Examples

Low pressure leak testing: A QBX can be used for low pressure leak testing. Once a test part is pressurized by the QBX, the controller activates a shutoff valve. The DS Series transducer then sends pressure data back to the controller and the leak decay is recorded. Once the test is complete the controller opens the shutoff valve and the pressure is relieved through the QBX.

Differential pressure control: A QBX can control differential pressure. The QBX is given a 10Vdc command signal, which represents a 100 psi differential. The atmospheric reference port of the on-board transducer is plumbed to the reference vessel. The QBX will automatically compensate to maintain the 100 psid set point.