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Customised Electro-Pneumatic Control for Medical Applications

Proportion-Air designs and custom-builds products for pressure range, electronic inputs and outputs, units of measure and more.

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Proportion-Air is a leader in electro-pneumatic pressure regulators and flow control devices. We design and custom-build our products for pressure range, electronic inputs and outputs, units of measure and more.

All our electro-pneumatic products are closed loop, featuring an internal sensor to provide feedback. Dual loop options, which receive feedback from a downstream sensor, are also available. Almost all our regulators offer vacuum control.

We can also offer vacuum-through-positive control, eliminating the need for two separate devices. Our devices are compatible with many media. Options include compressed air, nitrogen, helium, and other inert gases.

Our devices are used in several segments of the medical product market, from controlling pressure to testing the performance of sensitive equipment. We also produce components used in equipment for procedures such as phacoemulsification cataract surgery.

Proportion-Air manufactures printed circuit boards (PCB) for its units at its facility.
Most of our units are available with aluminium or brass manifolds. Oxygen cleaning is available for sensitive applications.
Our products are made to the exact specifications needed to help customers achieve their goals.

Leak testing for medical devices and processes

Many medical products undergo rigorous testing to protect both patients and device operators. Proportion-Air valves can be used to execute reliable and repeatable leak testing methods.

Our testing methods can be configured exactly for your needs for medical products such as inflatable cuffs, IV fluid bags and catheters.

High-pressure pneumatic control

High pressures are often required for processes such as balloon angioplasty catheter blow moulding, extrusion and burst testing. Proportion-Air can perform high-pressure leak testing to ensure your product meets quality control standards.

Medical product coatings

Consistent, repeatable processes for coating catheters, stents and other biomedical products with polymers or drug coating are a necessity.

Well-applied coatings protect the device from corrosion and complications such as tissue trauma or infection and can also be used to deliver a slow-release medication.

Proportion-Air uses an electro-pneumatic regulator for pressure control to ensure uniform results, helping prevent irregular coatings and limiting downtime.

Medical tube and hose manufacturing

Medical tube extrusion requires the exact wall thickness and diameter to be correctly maintained throughout the extrusion process. Proportion-Air produces medical tubes and hoses for everything from tourniquets to ventilators and respiratory equipment.

Microfluidic pressure and flow control

Low-flow microfluidic applications that can control very small amounts of fluids are becoming one of Proportion-Air’s specialities.

Whether controlling single or multiple channels, our high-resolution (up to ±0.005% of full-scale calibration), high-accuracy valves provide reliable and repeatable pressure control, resulting in stable and reproducible conditions and precision flow control through the channels.

About Proportion-Air

Proportion-Air was founded in 1985 by corporate president Daniel E Cook to capitalise on the invention of an electronic air pressure regulator. This device accepts a variety of electronic, analogue and digital signals to control pneumatic pressures with extreme accuracy, while negating the effects of vibration, mounting position or environmental concerns.

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Products & services

  • QBX

    The QBX electro-pneumatic pressure regulator is Proportion-Air’s versatile low-pressure regulator. The unit includes two solenoid valves, an internal pressure sensor, electronic controls, and a manifold mounted inside an aluminium enclosure. It can be used in nearly any environment, and its working range of full vacuum through 175psig eliminates the need for multiple devices.

  • QB3

    The QB3 is one of Proportion-Air’s flagship electro-pneumatic pressure regulators. It is a perfect choice for applications that require higher flow ranges or positive pressure through vacuum. The unit features two solenoid valves, closed-loop electronic controls, pressure transducer, and is mounted onto an internal volume booster.


    The QPV is a high resolution, electro-pneumatic pressure regulator. The closed-loop feature means it delivers analog feedback to monitor and adjust its operation live.

  • GX

    The GX is a closed-loop, electro-pneumatic pressure control regulator specifically designed to regulate and precisely control the pressure of gaseous media proportionally to an electronic control signal for high-pressure applications. The unit contains two valves, electronic controls, and an internal pressure sensor encased in a cylindrical protective aluminium canister.

8250 N 600 West
PO Box 218
McCordsville, IN 46055
United States of America

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