The QPV is a high resolution, electro-pneumatic pressure regulator. The closed-loop feature means it delivers analog feedback to monitor and adjust its operation live.

Similar to all other Proportion-Air products, the QPV delivers excellent repeatability, accuracy, and resolution up to ±0.005% of full scale. The high resolution makes it ideal for low-pressure leak testing, micro-unit dispensing, microfluidics and other sensitive applications.

For the same performance with a smaller footprint, the MPV is a version of the QPV without the external enclosure. This also allows the MPV a wide variety of mounting options: DIN rail, panel, or manifold mount up to twelve on a single shared sub-base manifold.

Application Examples

Microfluidics: Microfluidics is defined as the control and manipulation of fluid in a small-scale volumetric channel. The MPV is a great choice to manipulate fluids in a low flow microfluidic application due to its excellent accuracy and high-resolution specs. In this drawing, fluid is pushed through a microchannel for molecular analysis.

Dispensing in micro-units: Precision dispensing applications require extreme accuracy. The units used to measure and displace micro-unit measurements of fluids must also be high resolution. The QPV and the MPV (QPV without an aluminium housing) are both good choices for this kind of work. A set-up using two high-resolution regulators even allows for differential dispensing in micro-units.